Office Declutter and Organising – Rebecca, Brisbane

“My experience with Clutter Rescue has given me

  • confidence that my company and personal paperwork is up to date and filed in the appropriate place
  • a terrific system to carry forward for the next 7 financial years
  • decluttered my mind!
  • a space that I love to work in”


Whole House Declutter and Organising – Katherine, Brisbane

“Helen, Julie and Mela are ‘angels’.  I loved working with them over the three days and they made me feel like part of their family.

Their help and guidance was wonderful. I look forward to welcoming them back into my home again soon to make sure I am staying on track.

Thanks again ladies.”


Wardrobe Organising – Stefanie, Brisbane

“Helen came into my home without any judgement.

She and I decided what was the first plan of attack and she got straight to organising wardrobe companies to contact me for quotes.

She has since come into my home after the wardrobes have been installed and helped my whole family declutter the kids bedrooms with minimal stress.

She followed through on all that she said she would and her newsletter continues to give me good ideas.

I hope to get her back again in the future to help declutter other parts of my home. Money well spent.”


Office/Paperwork Declutter and Organising – Kris, Brisbane

“When we moved recently we packed up 12 years of paperwork from our home office and relocated it to our new, smaller home that didn’t have a dedicated office space.

Working with Helen from Clutter Rescue has helped decide what we really needed to keep and what can be shredded. The filing cabinet is now ordered systematically to accommodate our essential files and older files are archived safely thanks to Helen.

Helen also helped identify a home office space and set it up so I no longer have to work out of the dining room.

I feel now that I have more control over the administration needed for our busy household. I am inspired to work on other areas of our home and have already tackled the pantry.

I would definitely recommend making the time to work with Helen and get your house in order. It’s so much easier and less stressful to work alongside a Professional Organiser and learn as you go.”


Office, Rumpus, Guest Room and Kitchen Declutter and Organising – Natalie, Brisbane

“Thank you again for the two days this week. It is such a relief to have everything organised and looking great. It was wonderful to come home on Thursday afternoon to see the finished result.

I am really grateful to you and your service as there is no way I would have been able to achieve this by myself.

I also really appreciate your professionalism and attention to the finer details that made working with you such an enjoyable experience.”


Full Townhouse Declutter and Organising – Christine, Brisbane

“Clutter Rescue’s organising service has given me peace of mind.  I feel relaxed in a more organised environment in our living areas and I feel I can be more productive in my work space.

Because everything ‘has a place’ I save time with tidying.  The boys are also able to be involved because the systems are logical and user-friendly.

This is NOT an indulgence.  Consider it an investment.  Once the systems are in place you can have peace of mind and know that you are maximising your own productivity.

It is such a pleasure to come home to a well organised home.  There is a greater sense of calm and of space, which has had a huge impact on my quality of life.  Thank you!”


Bedroom and Craft Room Declutter and Organising – Kathleen, Brisbane

“Physically organising helped in clearing my head of information overload.  I can think more clearly again.”


Whole House Declutter and Organising – Margaret, Brisbane

“I am still getting used to being able to walk into the bedroom without tripping over something!

I am feeling quite proud of how the place looks and found the whole process much less emotionally taxing than I thought it would be, as I was feeling quite apprehensive before we started and wondering if it was all a mistake.

It made all the difference to have someone there to keep pushing on when I felt like giving up. I am keen to have people around next weekend, and know that it won’t take long to get the place ready.

So overall, we are both enjoying the extra space and sense of space and order in the house. There’s no longer a fear of ‘what’s hiding under that pile’ and ‘I’m ashamed to have someone in the house’.”


Office Declutter and Organising – Bec, Kingaroy

“Having Helen in my home was a wonderful experience.  I feel that I can now run our business and home in a more efficient way.  I really feel like I’m back in control of my home and it’s given me the enthusiasm and confidence to get into all the other areas of my home that need organising.


Office Declutter and Organising – Lisa, Brisbane

“Helen is wonderful.  She approached my mess with a calmness that made the job manageable – it wasn’t so overwhelming.  My home office is now ‘usable’ and it works.  I love being in it.”


Office and Home Declutter and Organising – Sue, Brisbane

“I should have called Clutter Rescue years ago.  I have been feeling overwhelmed for quite a while.  I thoroughly recommend Helen – non-judgemental, lovely person, knows her stuff.  She has great ideas.”


Child’s Bedroom Declutter and Organising – Marissa, Brisbane

“Anybody who knows me knows that I am unorganised and that Berhanu, my 3 year old, is exactly the same.  Berhanu had so many toys, clothes and books that we ran out of room to put everything.

Helen came over and came up with great ideas on how to declutter his bedroom.  She suggested moving all the furniture so that there was a bigger play area for Berhanu.  I could not believe all the extra space that we had after we had rearranged his bedroom – it was fantastic.

We also sorted all the toys into piles of what he did and did not play with.  I was shocked at the amount of stuff we had kept that he never uses.  Helen took away all the overflowing toys, books etc and gave them to Lifeline.

Berhanu loves his new room and Mum and Dad love how much tidier we are able to keep it.  Thanks Helen for the great ideas and the motivation to actually get in and do something about it.  If you are like me and lack motivation to get in and do it, Helen is the perfect person to come over and give you ideas, support and inspiration to change your cluttered life – thanks Helen.”


Cupboard Declutter – Carolyn, Toowoomba

“I am extremely grateful for the direction, assistance and solutions Helen provided me to help with my clutter.

Before our meeting my cupboards were always in a state of disarray – I knew I had sheets somewhere in the cupboard, and I think pillow cases in another – but I could never just put my hands on any particular item.  Planning of storage was something I had never taken the time to consider.  My house was always “presentable” but heaven forbid anyone should open a cupboard!

Helen helped me decide on what I actually needed to keep, what to recycle, and what to get rid of!  At times I found the process a tad overwhelming (getting rid of my stuff) – but Helen was very patient.  The end result has left me very calm, refreshed and motivated – minus the clutter.  I have used Helen’s techniques in other areas of my house with great success.  I would not hesitate to recommend Clutter Rescue.”