Yay! I’m Super Excited You’re Here!

I know I’ve said it already – but I’m super excited you’re here!  Making the decision to get on top of your ‘stuff’ once and for all – and create an amazing home that works for you and your family – is going to be a life changer, I just know it!

I know you’re already signed up to stacks of email lists – goodness knows I am too! – but I know for sure our weekly emails are going to make a HUGE difference to your life.

Each email is jam-packed with organising advice, tips, tricks and strategies to help you get – and stay! – organised in your home and schedule.  Our advice is always practical, logical, sensible, sustainable – just right for a busy Mum on the go!  My theory is if it doesn’t work for my clients (who are all busy Mums) then it’s not worth knowing about!

We love to hear from our loyal fans too, whether you want to ask us a question or show us before and after photos, so feel free to contact us at any time – or just hit reply on our emails to stay in touch.

No point dilly dallying!  Let’s look at what our FREE five-day Mini-Organising Course gets you!

A quick heads up though.  Our Mini-Organising Course isn’t the normal kind of organising course where I’ll ask you to sort this, purge that, declutter this and organise that.

It’s a course to get you thinking – thinking about what your life as a busy Mum is like.

By the end of these five days you will know a lot about yourself and how this knowledge can help you lead an organised life.

In our Mini-Organising Course we look at:

  • Day 1: A new way of looking at ‘busy’ – with a new definition which covers …
  • Day 2: The eight traits a Mum needs to be completely organised in her home, life and time
  • Day 3: The five different organising styles a Mum can have – and discover which one is a good fit for you
  • Day 4: Nine ground rules to help you get, and stay, organised
  • Day 5: The most difficult thing you’ll face when organising – and five ways to solve this problem

I know this stuff is going to blow your mind – and help you look at ‘being organised’ from a different perspective.

So if this sounds good to you, and you’re ready for an organising mindset shift, come and join us! 🙂


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