Paperwork Is Not Your Problem: A Busy Mum’s Guide to Moving From BUSY to Balanced

Helen Joy Butler - Paperwork Is Not Your Problem

As a Professional Organiser I’ve worked with clients in their homes for close to ten years, organising and decluttering every area of their home – the kitchen, office, toy room, bedroom, wardrobe, garage, underwear drawer.

You name it, I’ve organised it.

What I noticed over time though was that the problem my clients originally contacted me to help them with – to organise and declutter the kitchen, office, toy room, wherever – wasn’t really the problem. Yes this part of their home may have needed some organising tender loving care, but in reality it wasn’t the problem.

Through my work I helped my clients see that the chaos in their lives – whether it was paperwork, unhelpful children or partner, an overstuffed schedule or organising systems that simply didn’t work for them – was just a symptom of the real problem.

This is why I wrote Paperwork Is Not Your Problem: A Busy Mum’s Guide to Moving From BUSY to Balanced. To help you unlock the lessons within your own chaos using the approach I’ve used with my clients for nearly a decade.

In my book I share with you revolutionary, practical and enlightening insights on how to move from BUSY to Balanced with long lasting effects. I draw on over 25 years experience as a teacher and Intuitive Professional Organiser working with busy Mums in their homes, to help you truly see where your chaos lies and to move toward a more balanced life.

Paperwork Is Not Your Problem helps you:

  • Connect with what you truly want from your life, to live authentically and in flow, through a practical and intuitive process
  • Let go of the stuff that’s no longer serving you, to get back on your own path and live more in flow
  • Implement the BUSY to Balanced approach in your own life without making massive change or sacrifice all at once
  • See yourself in my own journey as well as those of my clients, to inspire you on your own journey
  • Implement practical action plans in the eight areas that make up the BUSY to Balanced approach
  • Create your own personal sanctuary that truly supports and nourishes you and your family

It’s your life and your choice – and the reason why Paperwork Is Not Your Problem.

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What others are saying about Paperwork Is Not Your Problem

Susan Pearse, Hay House Author “I have just finished Helen’s latest book. From the moment I opened the introduction I couldn’t put it down. Helen has a way of so accurately reflecting the challenges that every busy mum faces and providing insight into the real (not the surface) issues. She has a unique ability to go from inspiring with her words and stories right through to providing the practical tools that will change your life. I recommend this book as a must read for every busy woman – because we all know deep down that the paperwork is not the problem!”

Susan Pearse, Best Selling Author and Cofounder of Mind Gardener

Louise D'Allura - Productivity Coach “Helen has crafted such a strong message and has delivered it with amazing depth that makes a difference in people’s lives to understanding themselves, the chaos and their home. If people are looking for more than being this so called “tidy” or “organised” they know they need this book and her message!! Her book is a great book for non-Mums too!”

Louise D’Allura,, Brisbane, Australia

Rowena Mabbot - JoyHopeLove “I have only just started reading Paperwork Is Not Your Problem but what I have read so far has been brilliant! So insightful, and in an easy to read style that ensures the points made are clear and really resonate. I know I will benefit from the wisdom within these pages, and lots of other mums will benefit from the tips and guidance Helen shares too.”

Rowena,, Sydney, Australia

“I feel like a huge weight, that has been pressing down on me since the start of the school year, has been lifted! Your book was really the push that I needed to put myself first and make the changes that I needed to make to have a more satisfying life.”

Clare, Auckland, New Zealand


“Oh my gosh Helen, you could be writing about my me and my life! Seriously, it’s like you must know me or have insight into ‘behind the scenes’ of my life. Thank you so much, it’s so comforting to think that someone somewhere gets it. That it’s not just me – because it’s a lonely place when everything looks fine to everyone else but you feel like you are in invisible quick sand and have nowhere to turn. Thanks again.”

Jane, United Kingdom