It’s My Birthday Sale!

October is my birthday month!

This year isn’t one of the big milestones for me – I’m just another year older and, to be honest, I’m super happy about it! I feel more in flow, more on purpose than I have in a long time!

I love giving birthday gifts – and receiving them of course!

So this year I’d like to give you a gift, the opportunity to buy one of my books and get the other one for free.

This is how my birthday book sale works.

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The BUSY to Balanced Approach published on ‘Balance By Deborah Hutton’

Last week was quite a surreal week for me. Why? Because I was published on Deborah Hutton’s website, Balance By Deborah Hutton, seven times!

How did this happen?

Some of you may have heard about a little book I wrote and published earlier this year called Paperwork Is Not Your Problem: A Busy Mum’s Guide to Moving From BUSY to Balanced. After seeing Deb’s program Balance on a Virgin flight recently I decided to send her a copy of my book as I thought she might resonate with my message and approach around balance.

With friends connecting me to Deb’s PA, and me contacting her to ask for Deb’s postal address (after explaining why I wanted it!), I sent a copy of my book through the mail with a hand written note.

I had no expectations from Deb at all – I just wanted to share my message with her – so I was completely blown away when one Friday afternoon late I received an email from Deb, thanking me for my gift and asking me if I’d like to write some articles for her.

And seven articles later, they’re all published on the Balance By Deborah Hutton website.


I thought, to make it easier for you, that I would share the links to them all here. I truly hope you enjoy them – I’d love to hear what you think after you’ve read them!

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I Wish I Had This Much Good Advice When I Was A Young Parent…

Be The Best Parent You Can Be Online Event - Helen Butler, Clutter Rescue

I’m really excited to be sharing this post with you today!


Because I have a very special treat for you that will radically change the way you view parenting (guaranteed).

You see, I’ve recently been invited to speak at the Be the Best Parent You Can Be 2016 Online Event. This 21-day long summit features 21 of the world’s leading experts in mindful parenting (including me which is pretty exciting!) and is already shaping up to be the parenting event of the year!

Here’s just a few of the topics speakers will be covering:

  • Peaceful Parenting: the importance of connection before correction…
  • Why traditional education structure just doesn’t work and the options available to parents looking to help their children learn and grow in the best way possible…
  • The secrets to guilt-free parenting to create the life and family you desire!
  • Understanding your child’s developing brain to help you make better parenting choices…
  • And much, much more…

But you know what the best part is?

Because I was interviewed for this event you can grab your exclusive invitation to register for the summit… for FREE!

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Join Me For 31 Days Of Sanctuary

31 Days Of Sanctuary #31DaysOfSanctuary

Last week was a tough week for me. It took all of my strength to keep going, to do the normal mundane things it takes to keep a household running.

I know you’ve been there too. Whether it was last week, last year or twenty years ago, I know you’ve had those weeks where you just wanted to run and hide and tell the world to piss off.

It’s easy to get stuck in this malaise. And to be honest I nearly did. But I did what I always do when I get thrown a serious curve ball – I go inside, to heal, to protect, to discover what it is I really need to do to move forward.

And so it was when I came out of my haze that I realised I needed 31 Days Of Sanctuary. And I thought, just maybe, you could do with it too.

You see, over on Helen Joy Butler, I live, eat, breathe the concept of sanctuary. That doesn’t mean I live in a day spa with everything running smoothly (last week was certainly a testament to that). It means that I believe if I focus on sanctuary and everything it means to me – love, connection, compassion, joy – then my focus will go where it needs to go. I will be in flow, I will have a greater knowledge of what the hell it is I’m meant to do in this life, and the extraneous and irrelevant will fall away, leaving me with the people, direction and focus I need to follow.

So that’s why 31 Days Of Sanctuary came about.

And I’d love you to join me.

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Would you like to join me on a webinar next week?

Helen Joy Butler - Clutter Rescue - Alexandra Stoddard Sanctuary quote

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of sanctuary.

Every time I think about it, speak with other people about it, read/see/find something that gives me a feeling of sanctuary, I feel instantly more calm, more grounded, more connected.

It’s like the idea of sanctuary is flowing through me (or at least, part of me!) and every day I strive to bring sanctuary into my life.

What does that look like for me?

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End Of Financial Year Sale on Organising and Decluttering Books

End Of Financial Year Sale On Organising And Decluttering Books


I’m SO excited to bring this End Of Financial Year Organising and Decluttering Book Sale to you!

I have three book packages to choose from.

Just pick which one resonates with you and follow the instructions!

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How it Feels to be Busy All The Time

Lucille Ball busy quote

Last Friday I had an acupuncture appointment.

I’ve been having appointments regularly over the last six months to help me shift the continual headache I’ve been carrying around. I’ve made a stack of other changes in my life (including removing less healthy options from my diet and getting more sleep) but my headaches still insisted on hanging around. Thankfully with much work, including regular acupuncture, they’ve been slowly but surely shifting, bringing my life back into focus.

So there I was, lying on my acupuncturist’s treatment table, letting the needles do their thing, when another patient came into the waiting room and started speaking to our therapist. The door in the treatment room wasn’t fully shut and in my half-zoned out sleep/acupuncture state I could make out generally what they were talking about.

This conversation isn’t new. In fact I’ve written about it a lot (including in my book) – and I am sure you’ve spoken about it recently too.

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There Is Always Time + Upcoming Retreat and Workshops

How I schedule 'me time' into my busy week

I am writing this email after coming in from my garden. I am going on retreat this Friday and part of our pre-retreat preparation includes sitting in nature for 30 minutes each day. We were doing 10 minutes a day for the past few weeks but this week it’s been bumped up to 30 minutes.

To be honest I’m feeling pretty zen right about now. Today’s time in the garden has come after a two week holiday in New Zealand with my family. We tripped around all sorts of places – from the beach to the mountains and wine regions. All the while I was preparing myself for retreat (so that meant no coffee, refined sugar, alcohol or red meat) which to be honest was fine, but the thing that helped me the most was being in nature. Switching off from the chaos of school term, running a business and household, and connecting with my family through nature was the best thing I could have done.

I know as busy Mums we rarely give ourselves 30 minutes of time doing nothing (don’t worry – I’m the worst at it. I can always think of something to do!) and a trip to New Zealand isn’t always possible, but one thing I’ve discovered is that there is always time to give to myself.

Yep, always.

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Why Letting Your Kids Choose Their Jobs Is A Recipe For Disaster

This year we decided to make a change to the way we approached the jobs and chores Mr 10 was required to do around the home. And to be honest it’s been a complete disaster.
As you already know, I am a massive fan of having children help around the home from a very early age. Children as young as three can help with all sorts of things – putting their shoes away, unpacking their Kindy bag, packing up their toys and games once they’ve finished playing with them. These simple systems help their parents get things done that need to around the home, teach your children to look after their things and, most importantly, is the start of teaching your children how to organise themselves.
And so it’s been in our household that Mr 10 has had jobs since he was three. Yes he’s done the bag and shoe thing but now he’s ten there’s an expectation that the jobs require a little more thought, take a bit longer and are more helpful to us as a family.
Up until early this year Mr 10 had a job chart. On that job chart it stated exactly what jobs he had to do and when. It said “Each morning you need to do ABC” and “Each afternoon you need to do XYZ”. It was a pattern, it became a routine, and Mr 10 followed the jobs pretty well.

But then I decided to make a change.

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Sharing My New Home

It’s been such a long time since I blogged here – do you remember the last time? It was in mid-November last year, saying I needed to take a break so I could work exclusively on my top secret project.
Well guess what? It’s here!

Helen Joy Butler is live!

There is so much I want to share with you on this new home that’s different to what I’ve been doing over the last eight years – I hope you come and join me.

So what is the difference between Clutter Rescue and Helen Joy Butler?

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