Feng Shui Your Wardrobe

Feng Shui your wardrobeThis is a guest post from my friend and body rolling expert Sherry Trentini from Creating Space.

In my Feng Shui experience the things we “hang on to” because of emotional value or initial monetary investment can be the most challenging to let go of. I’m not talking about valued antiques or heirlooms; in this article I’m referring to the contents of our wardrobes.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, it’s been calculated that we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. Our wardrobe can be one of the most emotional and liberating places to de-clutter.


If your wardrobe includes:


Clothes that no longer fit

  • These are the clothes that are kept to wear after losing x number of kilos and that can mean that your closet is holding you in a place of guilt, disappointment, feelings of things being hard, sadness etc. The clothes we hold onto from the past and for the future may not be supporting our efforts in the present.
  • If you have reached your personal goal for size and still have clothes that without a complete rework by a skilled tailor are too big! These clothes from the past may be a reminder of your success; or they may be the safety net making maintaining your success difficult.

Let them go.

Clothes that are no longer fashionable and/or reflect a different time in your life

  • A client who held an executive position in the past had switched gears to be a stay home mum. It had been 10+ years since her collection of business suits and dresses had been in circulation. She was able to tell me how much she had invested in each carefully hung, still wrapped in dry cleaner plastic item. She spoke passionately about her time as an exec and the rewards of such a position.
  • Investing in classic timeless pieces can be wise as my client had done; however when I asked her which of those outfits she would wear tomorrow for school drop off or to a job interview her reply was – none. The clothes were no longer appropriate for her current very demanding and rewarding job as a mum, nor would she have felt confident in them if interviewing for a new job.

Even though the stories when these clothes told were worn were positive, they would not evoke the same feeling in the present.

Clothes that are no longer functional

  • Clothes that require zipper replacements, hemming, buttons, hours of ironing may require professional attention, in my opinion. Even if you have the skillset to perform these tasks you might lack the inclination either get the help you need or throw them out.
  • Just like holding onto clothes that are ill fitting; these garments remind you that you haven’t kept your promise; they are the “should do’s” on your to-do’s that keep getting bumped to the bottom.

Let them go.

Then it’s time to create some space!

1. Open the wardrobe doors or step within the closet.

Stand for a moment and just feel what the space feels like. Close your eyes and take three to five deep breaths and get a sense of the energy. Does it feel good? Does it feel like you can breathe?

2. Open your eyes and take a look around as if you are seeing it for the first time.

I invite you to be an Observer rather than a Judge.

What does the space say? How does it look to you? Do you like what you see? Is it a current and an up-to-date snapshot of who you are in the world?

3. Allow your intuition to guide you to remove the things you know you will never wear anymore.

The ones you noticed at first glance that you could let go of easily but just never got around to removing.

4. Reground yourself by standing in or in front of the space.

Take a deep cleansing breath and notice if it feels different.

5. Go back in and examine the 80% portion of your collection.

Refer to the criteria above and see what you can logically let go of in order to create literal space in your wardrobe and space in your life. Keep checking in by pausing, standing and taking a deep breath or more and feeling the energy that is emanating.

6. Sort what you have purged into bags sorted for donations (op shop, friend, church), rubbish or seamstress and create an actionable plan to have these things out of your home.

If possible load them in the vehicle and schedule a plan to drop off ASAP.

7. Go back to the closet and think about what it felt like at the start of this exercise.

Close your eyes; take three to five deep breaths and feel the space now. Open your eyes and look at the space you have created and are now surrounded by a wardrobe of garments that you value collection of the things you have valued. By doing so you have opened up the energy in your physical space and in your life!


Feng Shui and Creating Space Expert Sherry Trentini Sherry Trentini’s intention is to help people “Create Space” in their lives overall, not just closets! She is available to help open up your body with a Body Rolling session, Gyrotonics or Foot Fitness and applies Feng Shui not just to physical spaces but to life. You can find her at Sherry Trentini Creating Space and on Facebook.

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