Get Organised and Connected With What’s Important In Your Life

I have spent nearly nine years working as a Professional Organiser at Clutter Rescue and an Intuitive Professional Organiser and Elemental Space Clearer® at Helen Joy Butler.

To help you tap into that experience, to make real change in your own life, I have shared my expertise with you through a variety of products, including books, cards and workshops, to help you live a more organised, intuitive and connected life.

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28 Day Clutter Rescue:
A Step-by-Step DIY Program to Cut Out Your Clutter and Get Organised in 28 Days

28 Day Clutter Rescue ebook cover4-2

If your home looks like a bomb hit it and you are going nuts with clutter around you – and you are happy to DIY – then this program is for you!

Developed from our very popular 28 Day Organising and Decluttering Boot Camp, the 28 Day Clutter Rescue ebook is your very own step-by-step DIY program to get on top of the clutter and disorganisation in your home once and for all.

This not-so-little ebook has everything in it you need to start to shift some of your clutter and bring organisation into your life.

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Paperwork Is Not Your Problem:
A Busy Mums Guide to Moving From BUSY to Balanced

Helen Joy Butler - Paperwork Is Not Your Problem

As a Professional Organiser I’ve worked with clients in their homes for close to ten years, organising and decluttering every area of their home – the kitchen, office, toy room, bedroom, wardrobe, garage, underwear drawer.

You name it, I’ve organised it.

What I noticed over time though was that the problem my clients originally contacted me to help them with – to organise and declutter the kitchen, office, toy room, wherever – wasn’t really the problem. Yes this part of their home may have needed some organising tender loving care, but in reality it wasn’t the problem.

Through my work I helped my clients see that the chaos in their lives – whether it was paperwork, unhelpful children or partner, an overstuffed schedule or organising systems that simply didn’t work for them – was just a symptom of the real problem.

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Joy Bursts – Daily Inspiration, Joy and Connection

Joy Bursts - Helen Joy Butler


Love, Compassion and Joy

These are the top three emotional vibrations on Earth.

There is so much love, compassion and joy around us each day – if we take the time to notice it!

That’s why I created these Joy Burst cards.

To help you, and me, to see the simple things that are already in our lives that bring us joy.

I truly believe we can find joy in the simple things around us – and these cards will help you do that.

There are three decks – the Home Joy Burst deck, the Heart Joy Burst deck and the Sanctuary Joy Burst deck – each with 90 cards. Each deck also comes with its own small guidebook which shares how the Joy Bursts work, how to use your specific set of Joy Burst cards and ways you can connect with the card you drew.

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Sanctuary Creators Tribe

Sanctuary Creators Tribe - Helen Joy Butler

The Sanctuary Creators Tribe has been created to help you bring sanctuary into all aspects of your life.

To give you a safe place to sit in circle with other women on the same journey. To have your own cheer squad and support team encouraging you to reach your full sanctuary potential. To help you bring about your own version of sanctuary.

I believe we can have a home, a body, a life, that truly supports us to be all we are meant to be in this world.

I believe that by creating a sanctuary in our home, our body, our lives we can gently and intuitively bring about the change we so desperately want to see around us. I believe that with the support of a group of women, all on the same journey, we can lift each other up higher than we ever thought possible.

Together we can create such change in our lives that the ripple effects of sanctuary can and will be shared further than we ever thought possible.

Through nurturing and caring for ourselves we give others permission to do the same.

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Clutter Clearing Workshop

Clutter Clearing Workshop - Helen Joy Butler

With the world we live in it’s no surprise that we can have lots of stuff.

And it seems the more stuff we have, the more it grows. And the more it grows, the harder it is to keep it under control. So how do you know where to start, or even how to go about clearing the clutter from your home and, in turn, organising it so that it works for you?

In this two and a half hour workshop we will look at the difference between decluttering and organising your home. I will take you through the process I use to analyse what’s really going on in my client’s homes so I can create systems and processes that work for them. I will also share practical ways to solve your organising challenges so please bring along a photo of your specific organising/decluttering challenge.

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Space Clearing Workshop

Space Clearing Workshop - Helen Joy Butler

Quite often when we think of clutter in our home we think of physical clutter in the office, wardrobe, pantry, all sorts of places.

There is however another form of clutter that can linger in your home – energetic clutter – preventing you from living in flow. It’s this second form of clutter – energetic clutter – that can be shifted through Space Clearing.

In this Space Clearing Workshop I will share with you ways you can clear the energy in your home so you can bring in the emotions, feelings and energies you want. We will also talk about how our energy impacts the spaces we spend time in as well as how the energy in the space impacts us.

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