28 Day Clutter Rescue – Step-by-Step DIY Program


If your home looks like a bomb hit it and you are going nuts with clutter around you

– and you are happy to DIY – then this program is for you!


Developed from our very popular 28 Day Organising and Decluttering Boot Camp, the 28 Day Clutter Rescue ebook is your very own step-by-step DIY program to get on top of the clutter and disorganisation in your home once and for all.

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This not-so-little ebook (it’s 124 pages long!) has everything in it you need to start to

shift some of your clutter and bring organisation into your life.

In the 28 Day Clutter Rescue ebook you get:

  • 28 daily organising and decluttering tasks in twelve different areas in your home, including your
    • entry way
    • lounge room
    • dining room
    • kitchen
    • bathroom
    • linen press
    • wardrobe
    • master bedroom
    • office
    • bookshelves
    • car
    • other areas you’re interested in after learning the skills you need
  • Specific decluttering and organising advice to make the best use of each of these areas
  • Step-by-step instructions on what you need to do in each space
  • Appendices with
    • Worksheets to use throughout the 28 days
    • Systems PLUS information to help you develop systems that will truly last in your home
    • Organising ground rules to keep you on track
    • Information to discover your organising style
    • A complete copy of the Wardrobe Chaos Be Gone ebook
    • A complete copy of the Piles or Files? Get Your Office Organised ebook
    • Links to Clutter Rescue TV episodes on specific areas we cover throughout the 28 Day Clutter Rescue
    • Bonus kids jobs templates and charts to help your children become more organised

With all of the step-by-step help and the crazy amount of information in the appendices, this little program is guaranteed to have a huge impact on your life.


You are likely to find your relationship with your clutter changes, you will start to look at it in a very different way and start to see huge improvements in other areas of your life – something I’m sure you didn’t think was possible simply by shifting your clutter.


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Need more help to decide whether the 28 Day Clutter Rescue ebook is for you?

Download and read the first few chapters – see all of the ebooks content, background to the program, its structure and what you need to know before you get started – to see if this program is for you.
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